YouTube Safety Mode

Google has recently linked the Google "safe search" settings commonly used at schools and other organisations to filter out unsuitable content and images from Google Search results and the YouTube "Safety Mode" feature designed to filter unsuitable videos.

Howeve, the YouTube filter is much more prone to false positives because of the comments on videos rather than the content of videos themselves being questionable. In these cases, it may be necessary to disable the YouTube "Safety Mode" at least temporarily. The instructions below show how to do this.

YouTube Safety Mode Warning

If you are trying to view a video that you know is OK, and receive the "This video is unavailable in safety mode" message, then you may have to disable Safety Mode temporarily in YouTube

Login to Google Apps

To disable Safety Mode, first make sure that you are logged into Google Apps (Gmail, Gdrive, etc.). If you are not, log in to your account before proceeding.

Go to YouTube

Next, go to YouTube in the same browser where you are logged into Google Apps.

Disable Safety Mode

On the YouTube webpage, scroll to the bottom of the screen and turn off Safety Mode as shown above and click "Save". Be aware that this also disabled Safe Search until you have turned Safety Mode back on.