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Add College Email Signature to Mail App (iPad & iPhone)

This lesson will show how to create or update an email signature on the iPad and iPhone.

First - Send an Email to Yourself from Gmail

The first step in setting up the College email signature on the iPad or iPhone is to first compose an email in Gmail where your signature is already configured and address it to yourself.

Open Mail App on iPad or iPhone

Next, open the Mail app on the iPad or iPhone.

Open Email with Your Signature

In the Mail App, find your self-addressed email with your email signature in the message body.

Select and Copy your Signature

Next, select all of your signature text and click the "Copy" option when it is presented.

Open Settings App

Next, close the Mail app and open the Settings app.

Go to Mail, Contacts, Calendars options

In the Settings app (1) go to the Mail, Contacts, Calendars" settings, then (2) select the "Signature" option. You may have to swipe down on the options to see the Signature option.

Paste Your Signature

Next, choose the signature field below the name you set for your College email account on the iPad and paste the signature previously copied into this signature field. Make sure that you delete any existing text in this field before pasting your signature.

Verify Signature

Next, confirm that your signature looks correct as shown above and that it is in the correct signature field (e.g. "Bayside Email")

Open Mail App

Next, close the Settings app and re-open the Mail app

Test the Signature

Finally, test the signature by composing a new email on the iPad. The email created should contain your signature.

If you do not see your signature or it is not formatted correctly, please contact the ICT Department for assistance.