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Add College Email Signature to Apple Mail (Mac)

This lesson shows how to add the Bayside email signature to Apple Mail on the Mac.

Select "Mail" options in Menu bar

With the Apple Mail app open and in focus, select the "Mail" option in the menu bar at the top left of the screen. If you don't see the Mail menu bar options, click on the Mail app to make it the app "in focus".

Select Preferences menu option

From the "Mail" menu options, select Preferences

Mail Preferences

Next, the window above will open showing the Preferences options in Apple Mail.

Select Signatures Option

In the Mail preferences window, select the "Signatures" option.

Select the Bayside Email account

Next, select the Bayside email account in the Signature preferences menu.

NOTE: The example above shows the email account named 'Bayside'. This may or may not be what you see depending on whether you have changed the default name of the account when it was created in Apple Mail. By default, the account may be named "Gmail" or "Google".

Create a New Signature

1. Click the + icon to create a new signature.

2. Give the signature a name.

Copy Email Signature from Gmail

Next, log into Gmail in a browser (Firefox or Safari) and compose an email to generate your signature (as shown above). Then, select the entire signature and copy it.

Paste signature into Apple Mail signature window

Next, paste the signature into the new signature created in Apple Mail as shown above.

Close the Mail preferences window and save the changes if prompted.

Test Signature

From the Apple Mail app, click the Compose button to test the new signature.

Confirm Signature

Double check the content and format of your signature, and if it looks like the one above (with your details), you are done.