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Enable and Configure Google Apps 2-Step Verification

This lesson shows how to setup the 2-step verification in Google Apps, which is a security feature enabled for all Bayside staff.

Open Account Settings in Gmail

From the main Gmail screen, click on your username in the upper right hand corner of the screen and select the "Account" option in the drop down box.

NOTE: If you are not already logged into Gmail in a browser, please do so to complete this and all following steps.

1. When your account details page opens (see above) click on the "Security" tab so that the Password options are visible.

2. Next, click on the "Setup" option to the right of the '2-step verification' label.

Start set up

Next, click the "Start set up" button when you see the screen above.

Enter a Phone Number

Next, enter your mobile phone number to receive text messages (SMS) with your account verification code. If you do not have a mobile phone, you can choose the "Voice Call" option, enter a number, and a voice call will be made immediately to that phone with a recording of your verification code.

NOTE: All phone numbers must be entered with the area code (04 for mobiles and 03 for landlines in Victoria)

Confirm Number and Send Code

Once a phone number is entered, the format will be verified and the "Send code" button will then be enabled. Click "Send code" and your new verification code will be sent by SMS or voice call as requested.

Verification Code Screen

Once the "Send code" button is clicked, the screen above will appear and you will receive your code via SMS or voice call. Make sure that you record this number.

Enter Verification Code

Next, enter your verification code into the field provided on the screen and click "Verify"

Trust the Computer

If you entered the verification code correctly, the screen above will appear asking you to trust the computer you are using. Click "Next" to trust the computer. After 30 days, a new verification code will be sent to be entered for the computer (or any others that you use). This prevents stolen or lost computers, iPads, or phones from being used to easily compromise the 2-step verification process.

Turn on 2-step verification

Next, click "Confirm" to enable 2-step verification on your Google Apps account.

Confirm Details

Next, the screen above will appear to complete initial setup of 2-step verification. on this screen, you can confirm the details you have previously entered an add a backup phone number if desired. You can also download or print backup verification codes to use as required (this is recommended).

The following lesson will explain how to setup App-specific passwords to allow you to setup Email accounts on your iPad, phone, or email client on your computer (e.g. Apple Mail)