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Install the Google Drive App (Mac/PC)

You can keep your Google Drive files on your own computer by downloading Google Drive on your Mac or PC. As an added bonus, you can sync your files between your computer and the web. This means any changes you make to a file on your Mac or PC will automatically show up on the same file at drive.google.com.

To download Google Drive on your computer, follow the steps in the tutorial below.

Download the Google Drive App

  1. Go to drive.google.com or click the "Drive" option if you are already logged into Gmail.
  2. Open the settings menu (gear icon).
  3. Click Download Drive.

Google Drive Download Screen

Next, you will see the screen above where you can download the Google Drive app. Click the "Download Drive" button.

Select Device Type

Clicking the "Download Drive" button will present several options for installing on different devices. Select "Mac and PC" to install Google Drive on your Mac or Windows computer.

NOTE: The instructions below show how to install Google Drive on a Mac. Installtion on a PC is very similar and the installer will walk you through the process.

Agee to Download Terms

Click "Agree and download" when prompted to begin the download.

Install on a Mac

Double click the "installgoogledrive" file that downloaded from the previous step and you will be presented with the window above. To install the Google Drive app on the Mac, simply click and drag the Google Drive app icon into the Applications shortcut as indicated by the arrow.

You may be prompted for your password during this step. Enter your computer password and the install will continue.

Launch Google Drive

Lauch Google Drive either from the launch pad or the Applications folder.

Give Permission for Google Drive to install Features into Finder

When Google Drive launches for the first time, you will be prompted for your password to give permission for Finder integrations. Enter your password and click OK.

Sign into Google Drive

Next, you will be prompted to sign into Google Drive. Enter your email login details and click enter.

You may be prompted to verify your account using 2-step verification if you have not signed into Google Drive before on this computer. Enter the verification code and click "Verify".

Welcome to Google Drive

When Google Drive is opened for the first time after logging in, an introductory slideshow will be shown describing how Google Drive works. Click through this slideshow at your own pace to continue.

Once installed, Google Drive will launch in the Menu Bar where you can check the status of file syncing, and perform other actions with Drive.

Google Drive Preferences

Clicking the Google Drive icon on the menu bar shows the following information and options:

Syncing - the status of file syncing to and from your cmoputer and the cloud-hosted Drive

Open Google Drive Folder - opens the locally stored copies of the files in Google Drive

Visit Google Drive on the web - opens a web browser with your online google Drive

View Items Shared with me - shows all of the files that others have shared with you in Google Drive

Get More Storage - Drive will show that you have ~10TB of storage in the app. Clicking this option though will take you to a web page showing that you actually have unlimited storage.

Preferences - change your sync settings so that only some folders are synced to/from your computer. Changes are not recommended here

Help - Get help and support for using Google Driver

About - Shows the current version of Google Drive installed on your computer.

Google Drive Folder

Your Google Drive folder with all of your folders and files stored on Google Drive appears in your Home drive where your Desktop, Documents, Movies, etc. folders reside.

To save a new file to Google Drive, just choose this location rather than Desktop or Documents. This is the preferred storage location for all of your Bayside-related files.