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Cleaning Requests / Issues

Requests for additional cleaning or issues with cleaning not being completed properly must be submitted through the Help Desk as a Facilities Request (Maintenance > Cleaning) so that these requests can be compiled by David and Roger to be communicated to the cleaning company.

The process for logging cleaning requests is detailed below.

Create a New Request

Follow the instructions for logging into the Help Desk and creating a new Facilities Request if you are not sure how to do this.

Submit a Cleaning Request / Issue

Submit a Cleaning Request / Issue
  1. Enter an appropriate subject to describe the request or issue
  2. Provide adequate details to explain the reason for the request and any specific details relevant to the cleaning request.
  3. Select "Facilities Request" as the Request Type
  4. Select "Maintenance" as the Facilities option
  5. Select "Cleaning" as the Maintenance Type
  6. Select the Building and Room that the cleaning request is for
  7. Add any attachments (optional) such as photos that are related to the request.

Submit the Request

Submit the Request

Click the Submit button to send your request to David and Roger for action.