The Help Desk is where you can log ICT and Facilities requests or issues; see important announcements regarding ICT or Facilities-related matters; search our forums and ask questions or submit ideas; or, peruse our excellent tutorials (such as this) online or downloaded as a PDF.

Help Desk

The Help Desk is available 24/7 at http://support.baysidecc.vic.edu.au and you are able to login using your existing network account (e.g. Edumate, Rubicon Atlas login).

Submit a Request

Create a ticket on the Help Desk using the "Submit A Request" tab. Provide the subject, a description, the Request Type (ICT, Facilities, OHS) and any additional details required and your request will be automatically assigned and reviewed by the appropriate person.

You may also attach screenshots or relevant documents to your requests.

Check Existing Requests

Users can check the status of all outstanding requests on the Help Desk by clicking the "Check Your Existing Requests" tab


The Help Desk has Forums offering a FAQ section, known issues, as well as the option to submit new ideas.