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Using the Tutorials Site

The College provides ICT Tutorials on the Help Desk ("Tutorials" tab) at tutorials.baysidecc.vic.edu.au  These tutorials provide easy-to-follow visual instructions (such as the one you are now reading)  designed to answer many of the common ICT questions staff may have.

There are many tutorials available now covering a wide range of topics, so if you have a question about anything ICT-related check the Tutorials on the Help Desk and you are quite likely to find the answer.

Tutorials - From the Help Desk

On the Help Desk, click on the "Tutorials" tab in the menu of the site and the page above will be displayed allowing you to navigate or search on the tutorials.

Tutorials on the Intranet

The tutorials site is also available from the Intranet landing screen. Clicking on the "Tutorials" icon will open a window for the Tutorials site.

Tutorials Layout

Tutorials have the following layout or structure and features:

  1. Manual - Each Tutorial is broken up into "Manuals", "Chapters", and "Lessons". The Title at the top of the page is name of the Manual that is currently being viewed
  2. Chapter - In each Tutorial the "Chapters" will be shown in bold, large text with the Lessons listed beneath each Chapter. Clicking on a Chapter will focus the tutorial on only the lessons within that Chapter and also allow the individual chapter rather than an entire Manual to be printed. Not all Tutorials have Chapters.
  3. Lesson - Every Tutorial will contain one or more "Lesson". These are the actual step-by-step visual instructions of the tutorial. Lessons allow complex instructions to be broken down into more compartmentalized bite-size instruction sets. Clicking the link for a Lesson will focus on that lesson only and allow the user to print the lesson only rather than an entire Manual or Chapter
  4. Search Bar - The search bar is available within every page of the Tutorials and allows for quick searches on keywords or phrases.
  5. PDF Downloads - All Tutorials contain PDF versions of Manuals, Chapters, or Lessons depending on the level of a Manual a user is currently in. These PDFs can be downloaded and viewed offline or printed as required.
  6. Other Resources - The sidebar of a Manual, Chapter, or Lesson also shows the other Manuals that are available.

Navigating a Lesson

Navigating a Lesson

When a lesson is viewed, the page layout changes slightly so that the following information is displayed:

  1. Navigation Buttons - Inside of a lesson, "Prev" and "Next" buttons will be displayed at the top of the page along with the title of the previous and next lessons in a Manual. These can be used to step through a Manual or Chapter one lesson at a time.
  2. Search Bar - The search bar moves to the right sidebar of the screen rather than at the top of the page. The functionality remains the same; however, and searches look across every lesson. If you want to find a keyword within the current lesson, use the Find function in the browser (CTRL+F or CMD+F)
  3. PDF Downloads - Rather than the entire manual, PDFs for both the Manual and the specific Lesson being viewed can be downloaded from the sidebar.

Global Search (Tutorials)

Tutorials have an excellent search function that allows users to search for any topic based on one or more keywords or entire phrases. This provides a "self-help" feature that may allow you to find answers to your questions faster than logging a ticket and awaiting a response.

Request New Tutorials

Request New Tutorials

On the Home or Forum pages of the Help Desk, a widget is available in the right sidebar that allows logged-in users to request new Tutorials. This enables staff to suggest the Title and Description of new Tutorials that would be helpful to themselves or other staff.