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Logging Into the Help Desk

This lesson will explain how to login to the Help Desk using the website portal page, Intranet site, or using the Help Desk website address directly.

Open a Web Browser

To access the Help Desk, open a compatible browser on a Windows, Mac, or Linux computer (Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, or Internet Explorer 9 or later). The example below shows above shows Firefox on a Mac.

Next, go to the Portal page on the Bayside website , or go to the Intranet (see next step below) and click on the Help Desk link provided.

Access Help Desk from the Intranet

In additional to the Bayside website portal page, the Help Desk can be accessed by going to the Intranet site (intranet.bcc.vic.edu.au) or by entering the Help Desk URL directly into a browser:


Logging Into the Help Desk

Logging Into the Help Desk

Next, click the "Login" button on the upper right hand corner of the Help Desk screen to login.

NOTE: only staff and students can login to the Help Desk. Parents and other users must email the Help Desk at [email protected]

Login Using Your Network Account

Login Using Your Network Account

Once you are redirected to the Help Desk login page, enter your network user account details. This is the same login that is used to logon to computers on the network, Edumate, or Rubicon Atlas.

If you do not remember your logon details, click the link for the iForgot website shown in the "Help! I don't remember my password" section or contact the ICT Department for assistance.