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Using the Logitech Wireless Keyboards

This lesson provides instructions for using the wireless keyboards attached to every computer connected to an IWB or TV.


Every IWB or TV at the College connected to a Mac Mini has a Logitech wireless keyboard for controlling the computer (see above). These keyboards connect to the Mac Mini via a very small, black USB "dongle".

NOTE: TVs that only have Apple TVs connected (R1, I3, I6, ELC) do not and cannot use a keyboard to control them. The Apple TV provides AirPlay from a separate iPad or Mac only.

Using the Keyboard

The keyboards used with the IWBs and TVs have function controls for volume (up,down,mute), a full-featured trackpad with right and left mouse buttons, and a (left) mouse click button for easier manipulation of the trackpad with the right hand and selection of text and links with the left hand.

NOTE: Each keyboards has a label in the top centre indicating the room it belongs to. Please do not move the keyboards from one room to another. if one is in need of new batteries or replacement, please log this on the Help Desk.

Volume Controls

Volume Controls

The volume controls on the keyboards are located in the upper left hand side of the keyboard to the right of the mouse click button. These buttons can be used to mute or increase or decrease volume as required.

NOTE: If the volume levels on the computer are either too high or too low at the minimum or maximum levels, you will need to adjust the master volume control on the Promethean IWB or the wall plate volume controls.



The trackpad on the keyboard functions like a standard laptop trackpad and has a surface for scrolling or swiping and a right and left mouse button.