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IWB Startup Procedures

Step 1 - Turn on Promethean Board

First, ensure that the Promethean IWB is turned on. The light will be green if the board is on and red if it is off (see above)

Step 2 - Turn on the Projector.

Using the remote for the projector on the Promethean IWB, turn on the Projector.

Step 3a - Ensure Mac Mini is Powered On

Next, ensure that the Mac Mini is turned on. There will be a white LED lit on the front of the Mac Mini if it is on (it may be slowly flashing if Mac is asleep).

Step 3b - Turn on Mac Mini (only if off)

If the Mac Mini is powered off, turn it on using the Power button on the back panel (see above).

Step 4 - Wake up the Mac Mini (if asleep)

Press the “Esc” key on the Logitech keyboard to wake up the Mac Mini. You should now see the Mac Mini login screen or desktop on the IWB screen.

Step 5 - Check the Sound Levels

Next, check the sound levels on the IWB to ensure they are not turned up to high or too low.

Step 6 - Login to Mac Mini

Next, login to the Mac Mini connected to the IWB using the Logitech keyboard. The Username for an IWB will always be the Room # (e.g. A4, P1, S6) and all IWB accounts have the same password (see the ICT Department for details).

NOTE: It is very important that password security is taken seriously by all staff. Be extremely careful that students do not see or overhear passwords to College systems, including the IWBs.

Step 7 - Check Calibration

Finally, check the calibration of the pens ((grey and black) with the IWB. If the pens are out of calibration, see the Troubleshooting section of this guide for instructions on calibrating the board.