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  • Updated on: Feb 27, 2014

    Install the ExtremeZ-IP Widget

    This lesson explains how to install the ExtremeZ-IP widget onto the Mac Dashboard if it is not already installed for any reason. ExtremeZ-IP allows users to easily install printers and add network drives without ICT staff assistance.

    *By default, the widget should be installed on all staff and student Macs on the College network.

    Manual Macs
  • Updated on: Feb 27, 2014

    Give me back my Save As...!

    In OSX 10.7 (Lion), the "Save As" option disappeared as an option for saving documents and was replaced by the combination of the "Save" command and "Duplicate". Duplicate creates a duplicate file that can be renamed and saved. This was done to prevent users accidentally overwriting a document. This feature is also part of the new Versions and Auto Save feature in OS X Lion.

    However, some users cried out for the return of the familiar "Save As..." feature. So, in OSX 10.8 (Mountain Lion) the "Save As..." has made a return although it is hidden by default. This lesson shows you how to access the "Save As..." menu in any application it is avaiable for.

    Manual Macs
  • Updated on: Feb 10, 2013

    Using the Bayside VPN

    Bayside Christian College provides remote VPN (Virtual Private Network) access to the College internal systems for staff and some students (e.g. those in the BYOD program). This document has been created to provide instructions on installing and configuring the VPN as well as connecting to the college network and accessing internal systems.

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