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Reconnecting Network Drives (shared folders) on a Mac

When a Mac computer goes to sleep (after a set scheduled time, or the lid is closed on a Macbook), the network shared drives can disconnect. This short tutorial shows how to reconnect the network drives without needing to logout and then login again on the comptuer.

NOTE: The instructions below only work if you are connected to the network at Bayside (i.e. onsite at the College or using the VPN from home). 

Find and Open the "Network Drives" App

Find and Open the "Network Drives" App

From the Launchpad, Applications folder, or Dock click on the "Network Drives" app (circled above) to reconnect your network drives / shared folders.

All of the network drives that you have access to will reconnect immediately as long as you are logged into your College network account and are on the Bayside network. If you have logged in with a local (personal) account, you will be prompted for your network account details before the shares will connect.